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Innovative Möbelherstellung 2016

Treffen der Möbel-und Möbelteilehersteller

Innovative furniture manufacturing exhibition

The meeting of furniture and components manufacturing professionals.

Furniture and everything behind them. This might be the best way to explain what we work towards, based at the heart of Vienna. Introducing successful and up-and-coming manufacturers, components providers and their unique techniques in an innovating setting. The base of our approach is a solid presence in the future, meaning a progressive perspective is the background for our exhibitioners to present their innovative pieces and solutions to international manufacturers, factories and private individuals looking for new end products. We aim to provide a possibility for attendants to present separate furniture pieces, elements, color and textile samples, furniture drapery, processed furniture upholstery, metal components, fitted furniture panels from professional panel tailoring, flooring samples used in interior design and metal components for furniture manufacturing. The goal of this exhibition is to introduce attending businesses to leading Austrian retailers, supermarket databases and therefore to future partners and to give a possibility for interested individuals to get familiar with these products.


Our location for the furniture and interior design themed exhibition will be LOFFICE Coworking Offices at the heart of Vienna, which will provide a thriving atmosphere for new business opportunities, contact establishment with international partners and interested private individuals. Those that have been here before know that the building is Vienna’s most innovative and modern social sphere, an international meeting point, where many ideas fit into a small space, or even integrate into something more. Its’ interior has been dreamed into reality by the most successful designers. With Loffice you jump right into the future, which we believe resonates with our exhibition, the Innovative Möbelherstellung.

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